SEE Electrical 7R2


See Electrical (formerly known as ++ Caddy) is an excellent and professional product from IGE + XAO group for electrical engineers (especially industrial electricity branch) for building electrical wiring mapping and wiring, power circuits, steering and electrical panels, etc. Of course, there are other family software for IGE XAO, but this software is much easier to use and in less time you can design standard and professional maps. All features and commands are designed in See Electrical for electrical engineers, on the other hand, it has a beautiful and convenient user interface, and you can learn how the program works in the shortest time. This software, while professional, has not forgotten its simplicity and has focused on the use of its program.

See Electrical features:

  • Simple and beautiful user interface with easy to use
  • IEEE / IEC Composite Library
  • Automatic numbering of components, cables and wires
  • Automatic construction of cables, components and…
  • Comprehensive guide
  • Work with multiple projects simultaneously on one page
  • Ability to combine documents from other Windows software thanks to Windows ActiveX technology
  • Ability to create custom project templates
  • Bilateral compatibility with other CAD systems such as DWG, DXF, DXB
  • Ability to import JPG, BMP, PCX and تصاویر images
  • Ability to copy a group of symbols between different projects
  • Compatible work environment
  • Ability to create links to images
  • Ability to work with 512 layers
  • Automatic backup
  • Ability to send output in the form of advanced metaphors such as XML
  • Display equipment information on components
  • Cable management
  • Management of control terminals, connections and…
  • PLC output input management
  • Organize diagrams in different folders
  • Search and replace text throughout the project
  • Draw multi-bridge wires
  • Custom user lists and components
  • Change the page template for the whole project or part of it
  • Advanced database editor


SEE Electrical screenshot

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